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Are you a twitch streamer looking for some help? Are you a partnered streamer trying to make ends meet? Is there revenue coming in but you cant seem to save any of it.


We have all been there with our finances and its even tougher trying to be self sustaining on twitch but that is where we can help. We are dedicated to helping all streamers build, get partnered, and monetize your twitch and YouTube streams. Its not difficult but it does take time and planning and support not just to get you to partnership but after partnership how do you maximize your revenue not only for today but in the future.

Notthatobvious is a variety caster streaming various video and tabletop games to help support a community of like minded individuals but also a dedicated business and financial planner to help streamers grow the business side of things.

Tune in weekly to hear NTO talk and answer questions every Sunday Night starting at 8:30 pm CST NTO will discuss many rules of thumbs about the business side of things each week.

Join the community. NTO Offers several tiers of support. Find the one that makes the most sense for you to receive more personalized help in growing your own community and finding financial freedom using twitch and youtube.